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Test your App with IPV6 with Android and Mac


Ad required by apple, all new submitted apps must be tested and compatible with IPV6 network. There are already many methods online to test app using 2 iPhones and Mac. Today I am going to show you one way of setting up your IPV6 network using Android and Mac.

Step 1: Install driver for macOS
MacOS doesn't support native USB tethering mode to get Internet access, so you have to install a driver to enable this. Download this from (MacOS 10.11 and above), install and restart.

Note: if you are running old version macOS, please go to to download the right version.

Step 2: Setup on your android mobile
For Android mobile, find the USB tethering on your Android mobile and enable it. Different brand might have little different setting here.

For me, I am using huawei mate 9:

Step 3: Plug your Android mobile with an USB cable to your mac.

Once you connect the mobile with the mac, it will ask USB debugging, check Alway allow, again, different brand might come with a slightly different message. Now the mac is able to connect with a new network through android with USB cable.

On your mac, open up System Preference, hold option and click Sharing:

Then you will find Create NAT64 Network in the new window, it won't show up unless holding the option key. Make sure it is checked,

Step 4 (Last Step): Bring out your iPhone. Now you are able to test the app with IPV6 network.