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Shopping List App



Shopping List is an iOS App


1.Add/remove item (e.g., add apple, peach, milk)

  • Be able to add a Item, the new Item should have a different name with current ones
  • Item have attributes such as name, count, unit, purchase_status
  • Be able to delete a Item

2.Create/delete categories and add item in them (e.g., user can create a category such as "fruit" and add "apple" to this category)

- Be able to add a Category, the new Category should have a different name with current ones
- Be able to delete a Category
- Be able to add an item to a specific Category
  1. Search for an item
    • Be able to search an item
  2. Create a list and add an item to it
    • Be able to create a list and add item(s) to it
  3. Unit Test
    • There is an Unit Test in the submitted code
  4. Create and name multiple lists (e.g., "Coles", "Wolworths")
    • Be able to create multiple lists and add item(s) to them
    • Be able to delete list(s)
  5. Search for a list
    • Be able to search a list

Some other functions in this App:

UI Part: A tab bar was used in the application which help users to switch between different main functions.

Function Part:

  1. Favourite List
    • Users can add a list to favorite list view so that he or she can get access to it more easily.
    • Users can also remove list(s) from favorite list by swiping
  2. Item
    • Item can have count, units and purchase status attributes instead of plain text
    • Users can mark an item as purchased by tapping it
    • Users can mark an item as un-purchased by tapping it
    • Avoid duplications on item name
  3. Category
    • Avoid duplication on category name
    • When category list is empty, automatically add default category
  4. Default view for empty List and empty items

  5. Compatible with iOS 7 and above

Technology & Skills

Language: Objective-C

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