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@property in Python


What is @property

A normal class with class variable num:

class Item(object):

    def __init__(self, value = 0):
        self._num = value

Be aware: _num has no difference with num, the _ just let the variable num to be internal only.

We can call this by:

create new object
item = Item()

# set num
item.num = 10

# get num

Special scenarios, we don't want customers to buy more than 100 item at a time, we might think to use property (not the @property)

class Item(object):

    def __init__(self, value=0):
        print "init"
        self._num = value

    def num(self):
        return self._num

    def num(self, value):
        if value > 100:
            raise ValueError("Not allowed to buy more than 100 items at a time")
        self._num = value

item = Item()
item.num = 1000
print item.num

It will raise an error says "ValueError: Not allowed to buy more than 100 items at a time"


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